Busy Owls In Grade One!

Hi everyone,

I am here today to show you what we have been up to in my class these past 2 weeks. 
We have been SUPER busy learning all about owls!

This unit was the BEST thing I could have ever introduced to my class! My students are LOVING this theme. They have been so engaged in their learning and are absolutely amazed by owls. There is nothing more satisfying than watching your students completely captivated!

My read aloud was a HUGE success! We read it so many times, we probably know it by heart! HA! The look in those little faces when I told them about owl pellets was PRICELESS. I had so many different reactions in one classroom that I decided to ask my little learners how they felt about owl pellets. After some discussion, we came to the conclusion that owl pellets were both "cool" AND "gross". These kids are too much!

After reading our owl book a few times, we answered some comprehension questions together. My students were SO good at this! They had great answers and loved trying out their new vocabulary words.

We worked on a "Can, Are, Have" chart by writing all the new facts that we learned. 

We used those new facts to to complete our Interactive Notebook page. 

We also wrote WONDERFUL owl stories. I gave my students the choice to either write an informational text or a narrative. Most of them chose an informational text. They were just SO excited to write about what they learned :)

 Take a peek at our cute owl crafts!

You know your students are enjoying your unit when they bring you pictures like this one in the morning! I was so happy to see how much they love owls :)

 Today, we worked on our flip books for our Interactive Notebooks. They were a HIT :)

We also filled out this bubble map. 
One little owl INSISTED that we write "meat eaters" in our bubbles ;)

We have a few more writing activities to work on this week!

If you like what you see, you can find my entire owl unit in my TPT store.

Next week, we will start our reindeer unit. 
I can't WAIT to get started on that one :)

Later gators,

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