What TIME Is It, Mr. Fox?

Hi everyone,

Have you seen my time printables yet??
Apparently, I COMPLETELY forgot to share these with you...
I have too much going on! HA!

First, we worked on time to the hour.
For this activity, we looked at the analog clock and fill in the digital clock.

We looked at digital clocks to draw the hands on the analog clocks (page on the left). 
We also played a spinner game (page on the right) to match analog and digital clocks together. Students colored each part of the spinner a different color and then used a pencil and paper clip to spin. We love spinner games in my class :)

Here is an activity we did once we learned about time to the half hour. My students were SO impressed when they found out that the minute hand moves too!! Haha!
It's the little things ;)

The spinner game was such a HUGE success that we played it with the half hour too!

I made these super fun clocks for our whole group activities. My students were really proud to each have their OWN clock to move and change the time. We played a fun game with these clocks and it really helped us work on our new skills!
This game was very simple. I called out a time and my little learners moved their hands to the right places on their clocks. Easy peasy game with GREAT success!

I also made these puzzles for our centers. I don't have a picture of them in action but here is what they look like:

You can find all the activities above, with the clock templates, at my TPT store.

We are moving on to our next unit. Can you guess what it is??

Later gators,

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Ready, Set, GO! Olympics Centers In Action!

Hi everyone,

I'm here to show you what we have been up during our center time!
Our centers have been all about the OLYMPICS this week!

In our measurement center, we are measuring with both paper clips and link cubes. 
My boys were really concentrated on this one! 

We worked really hard on base ten blocks last week so this place value center was a perfect way to review our new skills!

We also worked on time! I was able to differentiate very easily with this center because I had a set for telling time to the hour, and a set for telling time to the half hour. 
My kiddies really enjoy learning about time :)

These number riddles were a HIT! My students used the hundreds chart to find answers in my number hunt game!

I think the sentence order center is a favorite for many of my students! They have caught on really quick and now know to start with the capital letter and punctuation before finding the rest of the missing words. I'm so proud of them :)

I made some super fun mini comprehension books and my students LOVED using them to read with their partner! They are getting really good at "reading to someone" (Daily 5) and love answering the questions that go with the books! 

I am looking forward to week 2 in our Olympics theme! 

If you like what you see above, you can find my 
Olympics centers and crafts in my TPT store.

I'll be back tomorrow to show you our graphing activities!

Later gators,

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MORE Valentine's Day Crafts & Graphs!

Hi everyone,

I'm here to show you what we have been up to today!
We have been working on our graphing skills and I had the PERFECT graphing printable for our Valentine's Day theme! 
Take a look:

The kids had SO much fun working on this activity!

We also worked on some problem solving pages from 
My students are getting SO good at choosing the operation! I'm really proud of them :)

Lastly, we made our Valentine's Day class book today!

Each child had their own page to fill out and decorate. 
We took the pages and made a beautiful Valentine's Day book with them! 

I will leave you with some pictures of our Love Bug crafts. Aren't they ADORABLE?? 

You can find everything above in my TPT store:

Have a great day tomorrow everyone,


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Valentine's Day Printables, Crafts, & iPad FUN!

Hi everyone,

WE have been SUPER busy working on our Valentine's Day activities in my class this week!
Take a look at everything we worked on so far!

My "Be My Valentine" printables pack has been a HUGE success in my class!
We have been able to use these activities to review ELA and Math skills.
My students are really LOVING these activities :)

For those who have not yet read my post on how I handle the COPYCAT problem, you might want to check it out! I used this trick with my Valentine's Day activities and it worked like a charm ;)

If you like what you see above, you can find my Valentine's Day printable pack at my TPT store.

We also started using our iPads today!!! My little learners were SO excited and so was I! 
I put my Valentine's Day emergent reader on all our iPads and we did our Daily 5 "Read To Someone" with them! I can't wait to use these iPads more in my classroom. It was a blast :)

I will leave you with some pictures of our Forever Frogs craft!
** We made our Love Bugs craft today but I forgot to take a picture... 
I promise to be back tomorrow to show you **

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