MATH Printables & Assessments

Hi everyone,

Have you seen my latest addition to my TPT store? 
I have been working day and night on this thing and I'm so glad I did because it will be a life saver when school starts!

We are starting a new math program in my school this coming school year and I knew that I needed to make sure I had some additional practice pages to complement this new program. I made it my mission to create these activities during the summer break. 
Did I succeed? Well, I got HALF the year done! YAY!!

These math printables are perfect for extra practice activities and/or assessments!

Here are the math skills included in this set:
* Printing Numbers
* Before & After
* Counting
* Representing Numbers
* Number Match & Recognition
* Making Ten
* Comparing Numbers
- greater than/less than
- bigger/smaller
* Patterns
- numbers
- pictures
- shapes
* Objects in Space
- labeling
- drawing
* Using Directions
* Comparing with Signs
* Skip Counting
* Counting On
* Shapes
- sides
- faces
- names
- using shapes to draw
* 3D Shapes
- names
- matching to objects
- faces & bases
* Addition with Pictures
* Subtraction with Pictures
* Number Order
* Place Value - Tens and Ones
* Days Of The Week
* Time
* Bar Graphs

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I'm off to spend some time with the family. I just can't get enough of these boys! 
I will miss them SO much when I go back to school... 

Luckily, my summer break is NOT over yet!

Later gators,

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AWESOME Buttons! Positive Reinforcement Strategy

Hi everyone,

I want to show you what I made yesterday because it is just to AWESOME not to share!

I had these buttons that I used at the Teachers Pay Teachers conference.
Many of us were wearing them and they were so fabulous because, without them, I'm not sure I would have recognized everyone! Not everyone looks like their teeny tiny Facebook pictures!!

Now that I am back home, I have been going through all my stuff and realized that I had all these extra buttons hanging around. I wasn't quite sure what to do with them until this FABULOUS idea popped in my head! HA!

I created these cute button inserts to use with my students.

I made 5 for girls and 5 for boys.

I plan on handing them out to my students when they do something OUTSTANDING. They will be able to wear all day! What better way to share their good news with everyone!

I can't wait to hear another teacher ask one of my students why he/she is so awesome! 
I can just picture the proud smile :)

I uploaded this file to my TPT store and it is FREE, because you're AWESOME ;)

You can find buttons at any craft store near you. I got mine at Michael's.


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Throwback Thursday - Brain Breaks

Hi everyone,

Here is my post for Throwback Thursday. I wrote this back in January 2013 and thought it would be nice to take it out of the closet, blow the dust off, and show it to you again ;)

Are you sometimes finding your students off task or simply "on cloud 9"? We often think this happens because a student is not interested in completing assigned work or "doesn't care about school". The day I realized that this was incorrect, I changed my way of thinking drastically!

Did you know that kids sometimes just need a break? Even as adults, we often find ourselves getting antsy after working on a specific task for a long period of time. We will get up and take break by doing simple things like making a cup of coffee or emptying the dishwasher. Well, just like adults, children need breaks too!

In my classroom, I use brain breaks. My students LOVE them!
Brain breaks are simply quick and easy activities that get us up out of our seat for just 2-3 minutes. I've been using brain breaks for years now and I adore them because they really help students refresh their attentions spans and move their bodies a little in order to find their better sitting positions (kids tend to 'slouch' after sitting too long). 

I usually do these breaks every 20-30 minutes, depending on what we are working on. I just announce to my students that we will be taking a brain break and they know exactly what this means. It does NOT mean that they can get up and start chatting with their neighbor. I have them 'trained' early in the year to get up and wait for instructions. I then tell them what activity we will do and we do it without causing commotion. The rule is simple. If the group of students in the classroom next door is aware that we are doing a brain break, it's because we were too loud! The reason I am so strict with these brain breaks is because I want my students to be in control of their actions. This will help them be more able to sit down and get right back to work once we are finished our break ;)

Over the years, I've come up with different activities that we can do during brain breaks. I decided to make myself some cards with every activity typed onto them. 

You can download a FREEBIE in the preview file!

This pack includes 52 brain break cards and an EDITABLE version too!

Now, I have a cute little deck of cards that I keep on my desk :)

When we are in need of a break, I turn my pack over, fan them out like a deck of cards, and ask a student to pick a card (just like a magic trick). My kiddies love having their turn to pick a card!

What do you do to keep your students on task? I'd love to get fresh ideas that could help my little learners stay on task! Please share your ideas by leaving me a comment.

Later gators,

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My Week In Vegas

Hi everyone,

I'm here to tell you all about my trip to VEGAS! 
In one word... WOW! What an AMAZING experience! 
I got to meet so many fantastic people and I was truly inspired by the presentations that I attended. I came back home with so many ideas flowing in my mind and I can't wait to get started on them!

Allow me to share a few pictures with you...

My buddy Nikki from Today In Second Grade insisted that we take pictures 
in this photo booth. It was lots of fun ;)

I loved all the presentations that I attended. 
I learned SO much and was very happy to meet these fabulous ladies!

I still can't believe we got to meet Cara and Deanna! They were the very first bloggers that I followed and I was blown away by how kind they both were. 
Their presentations ROCKED!

Rachel from What The Teacher Wants was adorable! She has inspired me so much ever since she started For Blogness' Sake and I couldn't wait to meet her!

Erin from Kleinspiration was also one of the very first bloggers that I followed. Her presentation was my FAVORITE and I can't wait to get started on some things that she shared with us!

Kid Adsit from KinderGals was a hoot! This lady is super smart and just SO funny! 
It was an absolute pleasure to get to know her.

 The Freebielicious girls had a booth at the Exhibit Hall and I was very happy to meet a few of them. 
They were were super sweet!
I was so glad to finally meet Kassie from Mrs Hoffer's Spot :)

We attended 14 workshops in all. Crazy, right?! My brain is on overload and I really need to sit down and go through my notes to make sense of it all. I can't wait to implement all these ideas in my classroom. Stay tuned for a few blog posts on what I learned from these super smart ladies ;)

This trip wasn't ALL work... 
We did take ONE day off to go visit the Grand Canyon. We had a blast :)

How beautiful is that?!

I just couldn't resist taking a few selfies... Hehehe!

My favorite part of the trip? The TPT conference, of course!

I FINALLY got to meet Paul, the founder of TPT! 
This man has completely changed my life and I will forever be grateful for the opportunities that he has given me!
His speech brought me to tears... I was blown away with how much he truly appreciates us TPT sellers. It was clear that TeachersPayTeachers is very important to him and that he is very proud of what it is becoming. 
Sorry about the bad picture... Not sure what happened 
with my buddy's phone on this one!

Well, my friends, I have a GAZILLION more pictures from my trip but I won't bombard you with them all! HA!
I have been sharing lots of them on my Instagram and Facebook so make sure you follow me there if you want to see more ;)
Also, if I took a picture with you, please send it to me or TAG me on it. Seems like I am missing a few friends in my camera roll...

This Vegas trip was absolutely amazing... I loved every minute of it! 
I finally got to turn some virtual friendships into true friendships and that was just phenomenal!
I am looking forward to the next one!

I'll be back this week to show you what I bought at the Exhibit Hall. 
You all KNOW you want to see my goodies so stay tuned! ;)

Ok... one more picture before I go!
This little guy was SO happy to see his mommy after what was a very long week for him. He stuck to me like glue all night and I love every second of it! Ha!

Later gators,

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