Fall Centers & A FREEBIE!

Hi everyone,

I'm here to show you what we have been working on in our math and literacy centers this week!

My firsties have been working hard on some new skills and I'm very happy with their progress. I added many new games to our centers this week and I can't believe how ENGAGED they were!

Take a look at some of the literacy centers we have been working on:

This one is from my Plenty Of Puzzles pack:

Here are some of our math centers:

Phew! It has been a fun-filled week in our class! 
I look forward to seeing my students using them again next week :)

Aside from our centers, we also got busy working on our addition strategy books. 
Take a look:

** This flip book is a FREEBIE in my store. you can grab it HERE**

Like what you see? My Fall centers are in my Teaches Pay Teachers store:

Have a GREAT Halloween week!

Later gators,

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Fall Paintings

Hi everyone,

We made these super cute paintings a couple of weeks ago and I am FINALLY getting around to showing you some pictures! It will be worth the wait, I promise ;)

My students worked SO hard on these and they love their masterpieces!

First, we made some boxes on our page by drawing lines with our pencils. 
We drew the outlines of our leaves in each box. I encouraged them to draw different shapes and sizes in each box. For this, I helped them by displaying leaf pictures on our Smart Board. I simply Google imaged "leaves" and scrolled down the page to show them that leaves can be different shapes and sizes.

When we were happy with our "windows" and leaves, we traced them with a black marker.

We talked about the difference between warm and cold colors. 
We decided to use warm colors for our leaves and cold colors for the sky.

We used watercolor paint fill in our different leaves. 

Look at our painters at work!

Our paintings turned out to be so perfect! 
These firsties really did a GREAT job :)

If you are looking for more Fall art ideas, you can read all about our collage project. 
Just click on the picture below!

Later gators,

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BOO! Halloween Fun In Grade One

Hi everyone,

This week, a student in my class asked me when they would get another book to add to their bags. I had not planned on giving my class a new book any time soon but this little guy gave me the push that I needed to get creating! What can I say, these kids get me every time they ask ;)

I went home that day and got on my computer right away. An hour later, I had a new witch book! It was ready to go and I couldn't WAIT until next week to share it with my kiddlettes... So I didn't wait! HA!

I displayed my read aloud on our Smart Board, instead of printing it out. No time for sending things to printing when you are too excited to wait the weekend! ;)

My students LOVE when I read them a story on the Smart Board. They get so into it and really enjoy seeing the pictures on the board!

After reading them my witch story, I gave them each their very own witch book! 
Exciting, right?!

They were happy to fill in the words on every page. I displayed their book and helped them fill in the missing words. 

We will be working on the rest of my Halloween pack next week.
I updated the ENTIRE pack and it looks brand NEW!!

I just LOVE Halloween :)


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Owls, Owls, Owls! Literacy & Science

Hi everyone,

I am back to show you my OWLS unit! 
I just couldn't wait until the end of our pumpkins unit to show this to you :)

I'm SO excited about this unit because I have never done an owls theme before. 
Crazy, I know!

I created a read aloud for this unit, just like my pumpkins pack
It is filled with fun facts about owls!

I made a bunch of printables for my unit:
Owl Fact Book – Slide Show
My Questions About Owls
Close Read
Comprehension Wheel
Comprehension Questions Page
Label That Owl
Bubble Maps (2)
KWL Chart
Owl Fact Chart – Can, Are, Have
Writing Sentences With Owl Vocabulary
My Owl Story
Writing Task Cards
What Do you Know About Owls? – Interview Activity
Owl Pellets Dissection Page
Interactive Notebook Pages
Vocabulary Matching Game – Words & Definitions
My Owl Vocabulary Mini Book
All About Owls Reader 
Owl Craftivity

Take a look:

You can find my unit HERE.

I'll be back to show you this unit in action :)

Later gators,

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Pumpkins For My Pumpkins!

Hi everyone,

I'm here to show you what I have been up to these past few weeks. 
I'm getting ready for my Fall units and I am VERY excited about them!

I just love Fall! The colors, the changes in the air, 
warm sweaters, and pumpkins everywhere. 
What's there not to love?

I'm starting with pumpkins this week! 
I created 2 read alouds for my class, one for the pumpkin life cycle and one for fun pumpkin facts. I plan to use these on the first day, to introduce the topic to my class. 

I use the text from my read alouds to make close reads. Each comes with a comprehension page, which we will work on together. My class is still in the beginning stages of reading. 
Baby steps, right?

I also created a bunch of fun printables to use during our pumpkin week. From KWL and "Have, Feel, Look" charts, I will have plenty to choose from for my little learners!

Finally, I made a pumpkin flip book craftivity! 
I just KNOW my little pumpkins will be all over this :)

You can find my pumpkins unit HERE.
Take a look at everything that I included in this pack:

Once we are done with our pumpkin unit, we will be working on OWLS! I can't wait!!

I'll be back to show you pictures of my pumpkins in action :)

Later gators,

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