Organization Blog Hop - Desk Disaster Solution

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I'm linking up with the SUPER bloggers at Primary Powers today for a fun organization hop.

Here is a throwback post for you, today. It's all about desk organization!
I wrote this post back in October of 2013 and got such great feedback on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. I hope it helps those of you who suffer from "desk disaster" ;)


Do you struggle with getting your kidlettes to keep their desks in a straight line? Sometimes, I feel like my students have changed my perfectly planned desk arrangement to their very own mess! We always start each day with a super tidy classroom but, by the end of they day, it always looks like our desks had a party and we weren't invited! HA!

Last week, I decided to help my little ones by using an old trick. Sometimes, an old trick goes a long way! In this case, this old trick helps keep me sane! 

I placed the desks EXACTLY where I wanted them. I then used tape to make guidelines on the floor and VOILA! We now have a classroom with desks that STAY IN PLACE! 

I hope this little trick will help some of you!


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  1. What a great idea! Easy + effective = AWESOME!
    A Burst of First

  2. So simple! It's perfect! Thanks for the tip! -Jaime

  3. I used this idea in my classroom and it worked great, too! Thanks for sharing this tip!

    Mrs. Jones Creation Station


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