A Peek At My NEW Classroom

Hi everyone,

I am two weeks into my school year and I'm finally feeling like I can breathe again. Anyone else get overwhelmed with the first week back? 

Now that I'm back into bloggy-land, I'm here to share my new classroom with all of you :)

I didn't change everything this year but I did change much more than anticipated. After careful planning, I quickly realised that one change can lead to many... Oh well! All is good and I am in LOVE with my new look!

Before I explain a few things, take a look at my class from every angle. 

I wanted to make some things clearer, yet keep it as colorful as my preview rainbow theme. I decided to make my alphabet, number posters, and word wall "cleaner". They are much easier on the eyes now, and I know that this will be important once my students start using the visuals on the walls. 

Here is a closer look:

I got rid of my tissue paper border because I wanted a to have black borders all over the room. It was not easy saying goodbye to my border, but I found these beautiful flowers to help keep a splash of color in the room. They are gorgeous and I love the way they look on my huge bulletin board. 

I created a permanent pocket chart center under my white boards. Last year, I rolled my pocket chart out each time we did centers and it was a bit of a pain. So this year, I decided to make this a permanent space in my class. Turns out it added a nice splash of color to my boring yellow wall. Win-win ;)

I kept my center rotation board but changed the cards to make it match my new alphabet. I like this new clean look so much! 
*I'll be blogging about my center routine this week*

I bought these large sterlite drawers to store my center games. They are the perfect size and are easy for the kids to remove when they need them. I also added green, pink, and blue containers. I put all my math manipulatives and extra supplies in them.
The bottom shelf is where my students but their school bags. 

I made new library labels to match my new theme. I love the way they look on my new baskets. My classroom library is so bright and cheerful! 

I wanted to make my classroom more comfy, since I do spend many hours in this space. The best way I knew how was to add plants! They bring life into the room and that makes me love the space even more :)

Last year, I kept my students' extra supplies in a large bin. It was difficult to find their things and took much more time than it should to find a new eraser or marker. This year, I decided to separate their supply bags in several smaller baskets, to help us grab what we need quickly. So far, it works like a charm!

I updated my desk tags to match my new theme. I really like that their names are black on white. It make it much easier to read!

This is my line up chart. I keep it on the door frame. My students are numbered and have to line up in their order. It helps reduce arguments about who is first and who is last. I have a "line leader" and "caboose" as two of my classroom jobs, so my students to get the chance to lead every once in a while. This chart seems to be very helpful for specials teachers and subs too!

Here are a few more pictures. 

You can read all about my mystery walker HERE

I love my new classroom "look"! It's so important for me to work in a room that makes me feel happy and productive in. 

Thanks for letting me share my space with you!

You can find my classroom decor sets in my TPT store.

For all of you Facebook fans (and anyone else who wants it, of course) here is my line up chart, as promised! All you need to do is download the picture and insert it in power point (or any other program you use). You can insert a text box on top and type up your class list. Enjoy :)


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