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Welcome to “The Chalkies” Turkey Trot! We hope you enjoy a jog through our blogs gobbling up freebies, ideas, and recipes for some holiday joy!

We have a new blog name!  We switched out the word "Primary" for "Elementary". We want to meet the needs of any teacher K-6. Our blog has been thoughtfully designed to help you find what YOU need for YOUR classroom level!

I love those grade level tabs {seen above} that help me grab what I need. This trot will also take you through the grade level blogs of your choice.

We hope you enjoy this little meal from appetizer to dessert!

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For my appetizer, I'm sharing a little reading freebie for everyone.
My students have been working so hard on their reading skills lately that I thought I'd share the activities that are helping my firsties get the job done.

For my main dish, I am sharing a SUPER simple way to help out those kids who need to MOVE! We all have kids who don't really like sitting or who struggle with staying on a chair for more than 10 minutes at a time. I wanted to purchase "stand up desks" for my class but nearly FELL OVER MY OWN CHAIR when I saw how expensive they are!

My super smart friend Nikki, from Today In Second Grade, suggested I try to just adjust some of my desks so that they are as high as they can go. This idea was GENIUS!!

Now, this will probably not work for older students, since they are taller and the desks only go up to a certain height. However, for my firsties, this is working PERFECTLY!
**For older students, you might want to try the bigger/high school desks to see if they can go higher**

For now, I have 3 desks that are in different corners of my classroom. Students can ask me to go to a standing desk if they need it, or I can send a little learner when I see that it is needed. I love it and I think they really love it too ;)

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I chose to share this pull apart bread recipe today!
It's such a crowd pleaser and so EASY to make :)

Just click on the picture below to get the recipe. You can also check out the other recipes on my "Yummy For The Tummy" Pinterest board. I add to that board every week!

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Still hungry? I got you covered!
Here are a few of my reading packs.
You can check them out by clicking on the pictures below :)

Don't stop here! We have MORE!
Trot over to my sweet friend Lisa's blog.
She has a nice freebie, idea, and recipe waiting for you!

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  1. That's such a great idea to raise up those desks!

  2. I about fell over when I saw how much standing desks cost, too!! LOVE the idea to raise regular desks! I'll be checking my desk legs closely tomorrow. :)

    My class (and I) LOVE your work, Valerie!!

    P.S. Hugs upon hugs - miss you!

  3. Brilliant ! JUST Raise up the desks!!!

  4. I love the idea of stand up desks! I have lots of students who stand to do about everything. How clever to just raise their desks! Love it!

  5. I've heard of raise the roof, but I think I might be in love with raise the desks! Most of my kiddos stand when they work anyway. Perfect for my alternative seating!


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