Organization Blog Hop - Desk Disaster Solution

Hi everyone,

I'm linking up with the SUPER bloggers at Primary Powers today for a fun organization hop.

Here is a throwback post for you, today. It's all about desk organization!
I wrote this post back in October of 2013 and got such great feedback on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. I hope it helps those of you who suffer from "desk disaster" ;)


Do you struggle with getting your kidlettes to keep their desks in a straight line? Sometimes, I feel like my students have changed my perfectly planned desk arrangement to their very own mess! We always start each day with a super tidy classroom but, by the end of they day, it always looks like our desks had a party and we weren't invited! HA!

Last week, I decided to help my little ones by using an old trick. Sometimes, an old trick goes a long way! In this case, this old trick helps keep me sane! 

I placed the desks EXACTLY where I wanted them. I then used tape to make guidelines on the floor and VOILA! We now have a classroom with desks that STAY IN PLACE! 

I hope this little trick will help some of you!


Don't forget to hop to over to Sarah's blog for the next organization tip!


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Penguins Art Project & Unit

Hi everyone,

Before our winter break, I posted this picture on Instagram and Facebook.

Lots of you have asked me how we made them, so here it is!

I wanted to make a penguin craft before we left for the holidays because I knew we would be starting our penguins unit when we got back and I wanted to get the art project out of the way before break. So I whipped up this super cool project (with the help of 
Pinterest, of course) and got my students creating!

I loved all the penguin ideas I found but nothing really stuck. So I decided to take a few ideas and mesh them to make something new!

What do you think?! Cool, right?

We started by making our icy backgrounds. 
I cut a GAZILLION pieces of blue tissue paper. 
I use a few shades blue, in order to get that icy effect. 
I showed the kids how to mix up the colors so you don't have the same shade of blue all stuck in one corner of your page. 

They were so excited to make these because this first step 
was very similar to how we started our Fall art projects!

They had NO idea what was coming next... I like to keep them in the dark when it comes to art. It keeps them on their toes and they love the suspense ;)

I let our collages dry overnight and got them to work on their penguins the next day. When they saw we were going to be making penguins they FREAKED! This was a good sign because it meant they would love our penguin unit in January, which they also did not know about! Ha ha!

I let them choose between making a round penguin or a square penguin. I gave them pieces of paper and demonstrated each step, one at a time. I let them cut it all freehand, instead of giving them a template. I'm SO glad I did because each and every penguin turned out different and original! 

Take a look at our creations.

Beautiful, right?!

I'm really proud of my munchkins. They did a great job and love their work. 
We get so many compliments on them, which is always a bonus!

Go ahead and try them with your own class. This is one of my favorite projects yet!

Hope you like it :)

Are you looking for penguin activities to go with this art project? I have just the thing for you!
My penguin unit is PACKED with fun reading and writing activities. Your students are sure to love learning all about this amazing creature!
Take a look at some of the activities.

Want to see more?
You can check out my penguin unit by clicking HERE or the picture below.


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