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Hi everyone,

Have you read my latest blog post over at the Primary Chalkboard yet?
Here it is, in case you missed it!

I just LOVE finding new apps for our iPads! My students get SO excited when I show them a new app because it keeps them on their toes and they never get bored with the same apps. This week, I was browsing the app store and found this AMAZING tool! Best part? It is FREE for TEACHERS! What is better than a FREE app for your classroom?! Nothing... well, maybe chocolate. with wine! Hahaha!

The app is called EPIC! and is jam packed with THOUSANDS of books that can be streamed in seconds. Kids can read books over and over without waiting for them to download. They can also have books read to them, which is GREAT for our beginning readers!

Epic has a bunch of awesome features like the "read to me", categories for easy searching, reading logs, and rewards for reading. They also provide a letter for parents, so you can ask them to join at home. The app is not free for parents but is SUPER cheap! TOTALLY worth it, in my books ;)

Go check it out for yourself and test it with your students!

Later gators,

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Plants Unit

Hi everyone,

I have been working SO hard on my newest non-fiction unit 
and I am FINALLY ready to show it off! YAY!!

I just LOVE teaching about plants every year... I think it is my FAVORITE thing to teach! I look forward to spring every year, just to start teaching my students about plants. Kids love to learn about how seeds grow, what they need to grow, and how to care for them! Problem is, I always struggle with finding everything I need for my unit. SO... I made a jam-packed unit, which I filled with everything a teacher could possibly need for her plant unit! HA!

I made 3 read alouds for this unit:
Plant Life Cycle
Plant Needs
How To Plant A Seed

I used the text from my 3 read alouds to make close reads and comprehension pages.
I also made reading comprehension pages, with shorter and easier passages, 
for my struggling readers.

I made vocabulary cards for my word wall and added definition cards 
for fun matching game!

Look at those posters! Aren't they beautiful? 
I can't wait to laminate them and display them in my class :)

As you must already know, I love using mini readers in my class. 
My students get a kick out of reading their books with their reading partners. 
Emergent readers are perfect for building fluency!

I made 2 versions for each of the 3 books. 
The first has full text and the second has fill in the blanks. 

I also made a vocabulary book and a seed journal. We are going to use our vocabulary books to keep track our new words. We will also plant seeds in clear cups and use our observation journal to record our findings!

Like my other non-fiction units, I threw in a BUNCH of fun writing activities!
My plant experiment
My plant observation
My flower observation
My seed observation
Plant KWL chart
Plant are, have can chart
What a plant needs – sentence writing
How to plant a seed – sequence writing
How does a plant grow? – sequence writing
Bubble maps – plant, flower, parts of a plant
Acrostic writing
Comparing plants
Plant class survey
Opinion writing
Narrative writing – If I Was A Botanist
Narrative writing – My Beautiful Garden
Cut & Paste – life cycle, plant needs
Interactive Notebook pages

If you like what you see, you can find my plant unit in my TPT store.

I'll share pictures of my unit in action as soon as we get started :)

Later gators,

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Valentine's Day Centers

Hi everyone,

Are you getting ready for Valentine's Day?
I am SO excited to get my brand new centers organized for the kids!

I made 5 literacy centers and 5 math centers. Here is what I included in my pack:

Literacy Centers:
Sentence Order
ABC Order
Sight Words
Reading Comprehension
Vowel Teams - ea, ee, ai, ay

Math Centers:
Number Order - 100 chart
3D Shapes
Two-digit Addition - no regrouping
Subtraction - sort answers by <10, 10, >10

I also made a BONUS emergent reader with spaces to fill in!

Take a look at everything I made.

 You can find my new centers in my TPT store. Just click on the picture below!

 Later gators,

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