Reading Fluency & Comprehension

Hi everyone,

My little learners have been working SO hard on their reading these past few months and I am VERY excited to show what what they have been up to!

I have quite a few struggling readers this year so I made these fun fluency phrases for my guided reading groups. We start each page with the "get ready" box at the top. This box contains the sight words that will appear in the progressive phrase. We read them 3 times, to make sure we can recognise them when it's time to start reading. 

Some kiddos struggled with the phrases, even after reading the words in the "get ready" box. I decided to pull out my MAGIC highlighters and we got to work matching the words from the box and the words in the fluency phrase. This worked like a CHARM and my struggling kiddos were now able to read the phrases on their own. MAGIC! 

After reading the progressive phrase 3 times, we got to work on the comprehension questions. My little readers also drew a picture to show me what they know about the phrase. Drawing a picture is such an effective way to have kids tell you about a story. Many are so much more comfortable with drawing than putting their ideas into words. 

See those little birds under each word? 
Those are there to help my kiddos point as they read ;)

Some of my readers are doing very well and do not need that extra scaffolding. For those readers, I have been using my reading comprehension passages for some of our guided reading sessions. 

It is incredible the see their growth in grade one...
This little cookie did not know her letter sounds when she came to me in September. Now, she can read passages and answer comprehension question INDEPENDENTLY! Amazing :)

We have also been using my reading passages with our reading partners. We practice taking turns to read and we work together to find evidence in the text for the inferencing questions. 

You can find the activities above in my Fluency and Reading Comprehension sets.
Click on the pictures below to check them out!





Grab a sample FREEBIE to try it out with your class!


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Plant Experts

Hi everyone,

We have been learning all about plants over the past few weeks and we're becoming quite the plant experts! We have been learning all about the plant life cycle, plant parts, plant needs, and steps to planting a seed. I have some very busy botanists in my class!

We worked on some cut & paste activities for the plant life cycle and plant needs.

We read our little readers with our reading partners and helped each other to fill out some vocabulary words. Reading our books several times turned out to be perfect practice for fluency! My little firsties are experts at reading our new vocabulary words :)

Here is a fun reading comprehension activity that we worked on! They are becoming such great readers and I'm so proud of their accomplishments :)

Check out their MAD writing skills!

I decided to put their interactive notebook pages on construction paper, instead of in their notebooks. We hung them in the classroom so everyone could admire our awesome work ;)

Look at the smile! 

This was another writing activity that we worked on. 
We wrote about what each plant part is responsible for. 

Here is a fun graphic organizer. Some kids chose to write only adjectives and others wanted to write sentences about plants. We walked around the room showing our peers our awesome work. 
It was SO sweet :)

We love class surveys in grade one!

Want to know how I keep them QUIET when they are walking around the classroom?

We pretend we are mimes and we tap our friends on the shoulder to ask the survey question. To answer, we simply point to "yes" or "no" on our friend's paper. 
Voila! A silent survey ;)

I always throw in a few read alouds for each of my units.
This was BY FAR my favorite book this week! 

Take a look at what we have planned for the rest of our unit.

You can find all these plant activities in my plant resource.
Click on the picture below, to check it out!

The interactive notebook pages are from this FREEBIE.

Want to get even MORE ideas for your plant unit? Take a look at another blog post. 


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