Save Christmas - An Engaging Holiday Mission

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I'm so excited to share this new resource with you. It has truly been a labor of love and I'm so proud of it! My friend Nicole, from Today in Second Grade, and I collaborated on this project together and we're so happy with our design. Let me show you what we created together.

This resource is meant to be presented to our students as a mission. The first thing they will receive is a letter from Mrs. Claus. She will explain to the class that the North Pole is in a state of emergency and she needs our help to save Christmas. Santa's sleigh is broken and it can only be fixed with a secret code.
**Mrs. Claus' letter comes in both a paper version and a video version.**

Students are sent on mission to compete six educational and engaging challenges. Every time they complete a challenge, they will be rewarded with a secret code. Once they complete all six challenges, they will have collected the words needed to make a secret message. This secret message will be entered in Santa's computer (a PDF file) that will lead them to a fun video of Santa thanking them for their hard work.
**Santa letter comes in both a paper version and a video version.**

This resource is complete with letters from Mrs. Claus and Santa, six challenging activities, three brain break videos, and a student folder with "mission tracker".

Take a look at three of the six challenges:

At the bakery, Mrs. Claus needs help to bake the best tasting gingerbread house in the North Pole. Students will create their own gingerbread house and fill it with random acts of kindness.

At the candy shop, George the elf made a big mess and dropped candy bags all over the shop floor. Students will work on a number sense match in order to sort the candies and place them in the correct bag.
**The candy shop challenge is differentiated TWO ways: numbers 1-20 and numbers 1-100.**

At the reindeer stable, the reindeer are in all mixed up and need help finding their proper line order. Students will work on math problems to help the reindeer line up correctly. They will then make a fun hat with the reindeer order.
**The reindeer stable challenge is differentiated TWO ways: numbers 1-20 and numbers 1-100.**

In this resource, you will also get three brain break videos. We suggest that you use these when you feel is most appropriate for your class. Saving Christmas is hard work, y'all! When your students need a break from saving the Christmas magic, play the videos on your interactive board and let them get their groove on! Students will dance to fun Christmas music and will call out vocabulary words as they appear on the screen. The three videos are "Build a Snowman", "Trim the Tree", and "Wrap Presents".

Head over to Nicole's blog to read about the other three challenges and to learn about how students will end their super secret mission!

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