Friendship Garden

Hi friends,

This brand new mission is ready for your classroom and we're bursting with excitement!

This one is all about friendship with a fun gardening theme! Students are going to LOVE helping our gardeners solve their friendship dilemmas and collect gardening tools along the way.

Here's the story: Gary the gardener is reaching out to classrooms everywhere in search of a special group of students who can help his gardening team solve their problems.

First, students will get ready to help the gardeners by creating an anchor chart and making gardening bags and hats.

Caroline needs help with her carrot patch. Students will write ways to show friends that we care. They will write their ideas on carrots and will display their work by creating a cute carrot patch craftivity.

Tommy needs help with his tomato plant. Students will sort through scenarios to review tattling/reporting. They will display their work on a fun tomato plant craft.

Polly has problems with her pepper plants. Students will read short stories and will write solutions for each problem. They will put their pages together make a pepper mini book! Short stories are about helping, sharing, and honesty.

Peter is learning to play fair in his pea pod garden. Students will read a letter about winning and losing and will respond to it by writing on peas.

Next, the class will create a beautiful bulletin board display! Everything you need is included in this resource including the title and flowers.

The last challenge is a friendship chain. Students will fill out links and will put them together to make a bright chain for the classroom.

After each challenge, students will collect gardening tools to help grow our friendship garden!

This resource also comes with a word wall filled with friendship vocabulary!

... and a fun coloring page to celebrate the end of the mission!

Are you ready to challenge your students with this engaging and exciting mission? Find everything you need to get started HERE!

**We'd love to see what your students are up to. If you participate in this mission, feel free to post pictures on social media and use the hashtag #friendshipgardenmission! We'll be on the lookout for your beautiful pictures!!

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